T&Cs for Custom Sugar Cookie Orders


Event                    The term “Event” is considered to be the actual event date, delivery date and/or pickup date for the purposes of these T&Cs.

Days                      This refers to “calendar” days (i.e. Monday through Sunday).

Section A - Payments

  1. The date of the Event is considered “booked/reserved for the Client’s order” only upon receipt of payment in full. Until payment occurs, the desired date is available for booking by other Clients.

               Note:      50% of the full payment (not including the delivery fee) is immediately considered as a non-refundable retainer.

  1. If the payment terms are not met, Sugar Shack Bake Shoppe [herein referred to as SSBS] assumes that the order has been canceled; or, the Client has changed their mind and no longer requires the order. SSBS will have no further obligation hereunder.
    1. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact SSBS if the requested payment method fails and they are unable to make payment. SSBS will work with the Client to arrange payment and secure their desired order date.
  2. Acceptable methods of payment are listed on the Client’s invoice.

Section B - Cancellation/Refunds/Postponement

  1. The Client must notify SSBS if there is a change of Event date or a complete cancellation. The Client will be sent an email to confirm change of date/cancellation.
  2. If a cancellation occurs seven (7) days (or more) prior to the date of the Event, 50% of the order’s total will be refunded. Orders cancelled less than seven (7) days before the date of the Event will not be refunded - Great news though - you will have some delicious cookies to enjoy!

                Note:      The delivery fee (if applicable) will be refunded in full.

  1. If the Client must postpone/change the Event date, there is no guarantee that the newly requested date will be available. In the case where the newly requested date is not available, no other available date is suitable for the Client, and therefore cancellation is required, then, Section B.2 above applies.
  2. ILLNESS CLAUSE – We understand that Client’s cannot control if they contract or come in contact with a Covid-19 case (or any other illness). We can work with them and arrange a no-contact porch delivery of the order. Clients can (at their own risk) freeze their cookies for up to three (3) weeks to allow for time to rest and reschedule the event. Follow directions in D.5 below for freezing and thawing recommendations.

Section C - Changes to an Order

  1. Any change requests must be submitted a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance of the Event date.
    • There is no guarantee that the requested changes can be made but we will try. This is dependent on the change and if additional supplies/materials are required to execute the change. Changes may incur additional fees and will be invoiced separately. Payment in full for this change order invoice is required prior to the changes being made.

    Section D - Delivery and Pick Up

    1. Pickup days and times are firm. If a Client is not able to make their pickup window of time, they are asked to text, call or email to make new arrangements. SSBS is not responsible to wait extended periods of time if a Client does not communicate (via text, call, email) if they are going to be late. Clients shall NOT show up any time of their choosing day or night to pick up their order. All pickups must be arranged and agreed upon with SSBS.  
    2. Delivery is available for orders of five (5) dozen or more cookies (for an additional fee), and the delivery days and times are firm. If SSBS is not able to fulfill a delivery within the specified window of time, they will call or email to make new arrangements. (Note: this would only occur if there were a circumstance beyond the control of SSBS [such as: natural disasters, pandemic related immediate governmental regulation, medical emergencies, etc.]).
    3. The Client is responsible for indicating a safe/secure place to drop off the order if they do not intend on being there for the drop off (this could be a cooler or storage box set outside the front door, a covered porch area, etc.). This shall be communicated to SSBS prior to delivery.
    4. The Client assumes liability once the goods pass into the Client’s (or Client’s Designee) possession (either physically or at the requested drop off spot).
    5. The Client (or Client’s Designee) is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the baked goods (i.e. away from extreme heating/cooling fluctuations, vibrations, people, animals – as applicable). Cookies can be frozen (at the Client’s own risk). SSBS recommends no longer than three (3) weeks (but our Customers have said they have frozen for months, and they still taste great when thawed). It is also recommended to keep the cookies in their heat-sealed bags and place them in an airtight container. When thawing – take the container out of the freezer and DO NOT OPEN IT FOR approximately three [3] hours or until they are completely thawed. Condensation (from peeking too early) can cause icing to bleed colours together.
    6. SSBS will not deliver or allow pickup of any order if payments have not been paid in full by the agreed upon dates on the Client’s invoice.
    7. SSBS will not leave an order with anyone (or anywhere) other than who/where is specified on the final invoice unless the Client provides consent.

    Section E – Liability

    1. SSBS is not responsible for any damage to the baked goods, late delivery, or shortage of baked goods caused by anyone NOT employed by SSBS (e.g. a Client’s Designee who decides to eat or keep a few cookies for themselves or accidentally drops them).
    2. SSBS is not responsible if the requested safe drop off spot turns out not to be safe (i.e. a porch pirate strikes, neighborhood critters decide to have a snack, etc.)
    3. Section I below is applicable to this section as well.

    Section F - Fulfillment of T&Cs

    1. SSBS is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver the T&Cs based on, natural disasters, global pandemics, global pandemic emergency orders, illness, death, or any other circumstance beyond SSBS’s control.
    2. If the Client (or their Designee) picks up the baked goods, SSBS no longer assumes any responsibility for damage caused to them (including but not limited to incorrect storage, mishandling, dropping, tampering, snacking, etc.).

    Section G – Design and Execution of the Baked Goods

    1. SSBS will follow the Client’s requests closely to create the desired baked goods.
    2. SSBS cannot duplicate an exact copy of another baker’s work but will ensure the look is similar.
    3. SSBS will create the requested colours as closely as possible for a design. By signing these T&Cs, the Client understands that colours may vary on computer/phone/tablet screens/resolution settings and may vary slightly from expectations with the actual products.

    Section H - Serving Amount/Quantities Ordered

    1. SSBS is not responsible for a shortage of baked goods if quantities are not ordered appropriately by the Client. The Client is responsible for specifying the total quantity required and if any “extras” are required above and beyond the total guest count for the event.

    Section I - Allergy & Dietary Warnings

    1. SSBS’s baked goods may contain or may have come in contact with the following ingredients:
    • Flour / Gluten
    • All nuts (e.g. peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, etc.)
    • Shellfish (as some ingredients are processed in factories which also process shellfish)
    • Dairy products
    • Eggs
    • Natural and/or artificial dyes
    • Natural and/or artificial flavourings
    • Sugar and/or artificial sweeteners
    • Artificial colours
    • Other allergens
    1. The Client is responsible for communicating allergies to SSBS so that allergy hazards can be minimized when possible.
    2. The Client is responsible for pointing out potential allergy hazards to their guests. One ingredient label (at minimum) is placed on the packaging/box. If the order is later distributed individually by the Client; then, they shall communicate the allergy hazards to their guests. Note: SSBS cannot accommodate a truly gluten or nut free product. It is recommended that people with severe/life-threatening allergies of any kind do not consume products from SSBS.
    3. When the use of metallic details is requested (gold, silver, or rose gold), it is important for the Customer to understand that some metallics are considered non-toxic (meaning they will not harm you when ingested) but are not considered FDA approved. SSBS does have other metallics which are FDA approved (although they are not as shiny as the non-toxic versions - but still beautiful). It is the Customer's responsibility to inform SSBS when ordering, if they are partial to the FDA approved version.

    Section J – Photographs

    1. SSBS does not provide “progress photos” or photos of custom orders to Clients prior to delivery or pickup.
    2. At minimum – SSBS reserves the right to post photographs of the baked goods they create and photograph themselves.
    3. SSBS reserves the right to use any photographs (taken by others) of their baked goods for advertising purposes (including those containing people).
    4. SSBS may also re-post photos where they are tagged from a Client’s social media account. If a Client has concerns about this, SSBS requests not to be tagged. A shout out, or a name drop is fine with us too!
    5. If the Client prefers photographs are not posted to social media/advertising accounts before a specific date; then, that shall be communicated to SSBS prior to the Event date. SSBS will otherwise be mindful not to post photos of completed orders until they are picked-up or delivered to the Client/Designee.