Sugar Cookie Pricing

We have moved to a flat rate pricing system to make it easier for us and easier for you to budget! 

Minimum Order Quantity is 1 dozen (an in increments of 1 dozen thereafter)

BASIC - $47 (Up to 3 designs/shapes, basic details (no hand piped names/words airbrushing or metallics)

MOST POPULAR - $53 (Up to 4 designs/shapes [if ordering 1 dozen] or up to 6 designs/shapes [if ordering more than 1 dozen], mid-range details, and could include any of the following:  hand piped names/words, and additional techniques such as adding textures, stenciling, simple hand drawn details, a simple airbrush pattern or accent, or basic florals [rosettes, leaves])

ELITE - $59 (Only Available for Orders of 2 dozen or more) - (Up to 6 designs/shapes and includes things from the Basic and Most Popular Packages and may also include other things like hand painted metallic details; lots of or more intricate florals; airbrushing; and/or lots of tiny details/hand piping work)

 There are photo samples in our QUOTE FORM to give you a visual idea of the differences.