Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a rush order of custom sugar cookies for tomorrow?
Unfortunately, our custom sugar cookies typically take more than 24 hours to create and we will not be able to accommodate an order in this timeframe. If you are trying to book an order with less than 2 weeks notice, and IF are able to accommodate; then, a $30.00 rush fee will apply. Be sure to order early in the future to avoid a rush fee. 

2. I don't want to pay anything for custom sugar cookies until I pick up my order.
We understand your reservations; however, this would not comply with our Terms & Conditions. Please review them at  for full payment details. Note: Pre-sales and flash sales also require payment in full. The good news is that we accept credit cards for payment and they are happy to allow you to make partial payments.

3. Why don't you allow me to pay a retainer first, and then the balance when I pick up my order?
There are a few reasons for this:

  • It eliminates us from having to contact everyone twice for payment. We would rather be spending valuable time making your order than chasing payments.
  • It eliminates you from having to remember to make your final payment date (because if you were to miss the payment deadline - we would not proceed with your order).

4. Why is 50% of my payment immediately considered non-refundable?
From the time of payment, we have removed your date from our availability calendar and have turned away other clients. Since we are booking several months in advance, this ensures that Clients who book with us are serious about their orders. 

5. I like my cookies baked a different way (e.g. thinner, darker, thicker, etc). Can you make a custom order the way I like it?
Sorry, our cookies are signatory to our brand. We don't change the recipe to suit individual preferences; however, we do have a variety of flavours you can try if you would like something different. 

6. I don't like the taste of my cookies, can I get a refund? 
Since taste is subjective so we cannot offer a refund for this scenario. Not to worry though, if you chose a flavour that isn't your favourite this time - we have lots to choose from for your next order. We are sure to have something that you will love! 

7. Can I omit the individual heat sealed packaging, and/or the box to save money on my order?
Heat sealing ensures freshness and food safety - sorry this one is non-negotiable.

8. Why can't you make me Disney designs on cookies?
We understand how important these designs can be to you; unfortunately, we don’t have permission from Disney to replicate their copyright protected/trademarked designs. If you would like to approach them about getting permission in writing for us to make these for you we would LOVE to! Let us know if you would like to get that permission or if you would rather continue with an “inspired by” set of cookies. We promise they will be fantastic either way! Just provide us with something like a party invitation, picture of decorations, etc. and we can pull some ideas from that for your event.

We do understand there are other Cookiers/bakeries that will do this, but, legally, we are not allowed to recreate Disney copyright/trademark protected images on cookies and we are not willing to risk a hefty lawsuit. We love our customers and the cookies we get to create for them! We definitely don’t want to jeopardize that opportunity.

9. Do you make gluten free or vegan cookies?
Unfortunately, we are not set up to accommodate a truly gluten free or vegan cookie. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We care about our gluten sensitive and critter loving friends - *hugs* - we wish we could have helped you too!

10. Can you make peanut/nut-free cookies?
While we can make cookies that do not contain purposefully added peanuts or another specific nut, it is important to know that many of our products (i.e. vanilla, icing gel colours, etc.) are made in factories that also process nuts and we cannot guarantee a completely nut-free product. We recommend anyone with severe/life threatening allergies do not consume our products for their own safety.

11. Can I freeze my cookies?
You are welcome to freeze your cookies at your own risk. We recommend leaving them in their heat sealed bags, and placing the cookies in an air-tight container (ensure that you do not pack it so full that when you apply the lid it squishes your cookies down). When you take them out to eat, ensure you leave them in the container (don't open the lid and peek) and set them on the counter to completely thaw. If you open the container too soon, it can cause the bags to condensate and the colours on the cookies to bleed together.